About Purinize

PURINIZE a portable water purifier that produces safe, clean drinking water on demand. PURINIZE uses a patented water purification technology that was developed over 30 years ago as a remedy for water contamination in the field and under water shortage situations. Its proprietary formulation of complex mineral (electrolyte) salts results in a powerful sterilizing reagent. This reagent is harmless to the body and capable of producing safe, clean drinking water from the rain, a pond, swamp, lake, or any other freshwater source, without using toxic chemicals.


Using PURINIZE to purify water has many advantages. In addition to being 100% non-toxic, it's more effective than conventional water purifiers, doesn't use bad-tasting chemicals like chlorine dioxide or iodine, and be used to purify water regardless of temperature or turbidity. In addition, it's safe to use every day and provides long-lasting protection. 

PURINIZE is ideal for everyday use, outdoor activities like traveling, hiking and camping, water storage treatment, emergency preparedness, and disaster relief.


Extensive testing by a certified, independent laboratory has proven PURINIZE to be highly effective, confirming the fact that it neutralizes and assists in the reduction of more than 200 biological and toxic contaminants from water. 

After careful consideration, evaluation, and testing, PURINIZE received an endorsement from Dr. Paul Rosenfeld, co-founder of Soil / Water / Air Protection Agency (SWAPE)

"Of all the water purification methods I've found, I highly recommend the PURINIZE Water Purifier System as one of the best defenses to protect you and your family from the dangers of water contamination." Dr. Paul Rosenfeld