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We are pleased to introduce Chuck Wrathall as the newest member of the PURINIZE Brand Ambassador team.

Chuck is a survival, bushcraft, and outdoors enthusiast from Cape Breton Island, Canada. Ever since he was young, Chuck has had a passion for anything and everything to do with the outdoors. He is frequently on the trail hiking or camping and travels across Canada for work. As a carpenter and woodworker by trade, Chuck builds houses all over the country and then explores the backcountry in his free time. Along with his interest in the outdoors, he also enjoys photography and film, which is evident by scrolling through his Instagram feed.

To learn more about Chuck, visit bio page and follow his adventures on Instagram @chuckwrathall.

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Leo Carillo
Leo Carillo

October 06, 2018

I heard about your products from Mr Fred on a international conf call please call me 714.467.7860. Interested in using products and have sold other health products world wide. Thank you Leo Carillo


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