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February 16, 2016
PURINIZE Investigates Water Contamination, Offers Relief to Victims of Flint Water Crisis
As Flint’s water crisis continues to escalate, PURINIZE made an emergency visit to Flint, Michigan to test the water quality, assess the contamination issues, and offer their support to the community.

February 27, 2015
PURINIZE Endorsed as Superior Water Filtration System
The water filtration system was recently endorsed and is recommended by Dr. Rosenfeld because it is Eco-friendly, and it reduces more contaminants than traditional water filters while preserving beneficial minerals.

March 13, 2014
Tests Prove PURINIZE Water Technology Safest and Most Effective
Safe for emergency water treatment as well as long-term storage, PURINIZE water purifier solution was recently proved by EPA-certified lab to reduce MCHM contaminant.


Gear Stash - Reviews
Water Purifying Solution - PURINIZE

"I tested the solution on several different bacteria and protozoan cysts in the lab and as the company stated on their website it does in fact kill them all.

This purifying solution also improves the taste of the water much like a carbon filter. I tested it on standard tap water and it improved the taste dramatically."

Explorer Gear Co.
PURINIZE Water Purification Gear Review

"The claims seem to have come true and this product is a winner."

Midwest Basecamp
PURINIZE Portable Water Purification & Filtration Treatment Gear Review

"Benefits: A water treatment that can be used on its own, though recommended in conjunction with filtering; tasteless, i.e., doesn't have a chemical flavor; makes your filter work more effectively by collecting the harmful stuff; removes more than just the commonly worried about biological contaminants.

Considering the negligible weight and added benefits, I'm not sure why you wouldn't bring this along anytime you might need to treat water."

Jonathan Roberts / PURINIZE Ambassador
Product Review: PURINIZE Water Purification

"I love simplicity, especially where safety and health are concerned, and PURINIZE does a great job."

Hiking The Trail
PURINIZE Portable Water Treatment - Gear Review

"After using this product during the Hell Hike and Raft 2015 adventure adding 2 ounces to my pack to keep my water clean is something I will not leave home without."

52 Weeks
Product Review: PURINIZE Water Purifier

"On this trip I hiked down to the nearby alpine lake (not even moving water), and after letting the PURINIZE settle the water is 99.9% purified- better than the tap water I drink at home! I was very impressed, and most importantly to me, it was EASY. The last thing I want after a day of trekking is a complicated filter system."

"I would suggest PURINIZE to all backpackers, travelers, and even for home use to filter large amounts of tap water."

Cooke's Frontier
PURINIZE Purifier Solution

"All in all, I think it’s a great new product that has a really good chance of becoming an excellent water purification option for outdoor enthusiasts, homesteaders, preppers, and survivalists."

Review: PURINIZE Water Purifier Solution

"When thinking toward the future, I will continue to use PURINIZE‬ on backcountry trips with the Sawyer filter to stay as natural and safe as possible. I find it to be an innovative product that offers a second stage in treatment that could be very useful for many common water sources in today’s world."

Athletic Human
Product Review PURINIZE Purifying Solution

"After PURINIZE and being filtered it was crystal clear and delicious. The PURINIZE solution worked great. I waited roughly 20 minutes after using the solution to drink the water. I couldn’t tell that I had even used a solution the water tasted like great. Otherwise the product is a clear winner in my mind and at only $34.95.  Many similar products are $60-$100 for a quality water purifiers." 

Just Trails
Gear Review: PURINIZE Water Purification Solution

 "I used this product on both filtered and unfiltered water and I didn’t get sick, so that’s what matters to me."

Bike World News
Bears Poop in the Woods. You Need PURINIZE.

"PURINIZE turns the water purification model on its head, neutralizing and coagulating any contaminants in the water."