PURINIZE® Product Reviews

Happily Ever Outdoors PURINIZE® Reivew


RevHiker Outdoors PURINIZE® Review


GravityFed PURINIZE® Review

"I tested the solution on several different bacteria and protozoan cysts in the lab and as the company stated on their website it does in fact kill them all. This purifying solution also improves the taste of the water much like a carbon filter. I tested it on standard tap water and it improved the taste dramatically."


Explorer Gear Co. PURINIZE® Review 

TASTE: "In a small taste test of before and after river water. The verdict is 100% yes it does improve the flavor. From river flavor to Purinized is shockingly different and better." TURBIDITY: "It does get rid of turbidity. From milky pond and river water our tests lead to a much clearer water post-Purinize." HEALTH/FEELING POST PURINIZE: "Post 4 different tests I felt good, enjoyed a healthy feeling of hydration, and had no digestive issues."


Hiking the Trail PURINIZE® Review

"The nice thing about this is there is no chemical taste. After using this product during the Hell Hike and Raft 2015 adventure adding 2 ounces to my pack to keep my water clean is something I will not leave home without."


Midwest Basecamp PURINIZE® Review

Benefits: A water treatment that can be used on its own, though recommended in conjunction with filtering; tasteless, i.e., doesn’t have a chemical flavor; makes your filter work more effectively by collecting the harmful stuff; removes more than just the commonly worried about biological contaminants. Considering the negligible weight and added benefits, I’m not sure why you wouldn’t bring this along anytime you might need to treat water.