"I've been getting a lot of questions on how we managed to treat water along the trip considering how polluted it is with pesticides, livestock run-off, and heavy metals that a regular filter cannot extract. Our secret was a product called PURINIZE. This product was our ace in the hole because if we wouldn't have had it 1 we obviously wouldn't have had good water and 2 the Park services wouldn't have approved our permits. And that my friends, is how we stayed hydrated for seven days on the Rio Grande." - SA Adventure Sports
"Of the different water purification systems that we had this was the only one that was cleared to support us on our trip. I stand by PURINIZE as we NEEDED clean water. Out there, in the middle of nowhere you can't afford to get really sick, so we went with the best. I never got sick from the water. Not even a stomach ache. I was able to enjoy every second of the journey thanks to these guys! Two thumbs waaaaay up!" - @docqtrip