As a woodsman & someone who spends a lot of time hiking, I know boiling water to purify it isn't always an option. And most purifying tablets taste like pool water... but not PURINIZE! I've been using this product for over 2 years now and it has never let me down!


"I usually buy Iodine, but I bought this instead to go with my filter. I used it on a recent camping trip and it worked well, I just followed the directions. There was no taste and I know it's healthier for me than Iodine, obviously, since it's all natural. I barely had to use any, so I can see this 2oz bottle lasting a while! Pretty awesome product!"


"I got this before my trip to India and honestly, I noticed my husband who didn't use it was under the weather and sick for some of the trip- while I had absolutely no digestive issues or food sicknesses of any kind that arose the whole time I was there. It was amazing! Would definitely recommend."